Electrical Services

Residential Services

  • Lutron, Caseta and Apple Home Kit Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Design
  • Basement Development
  • Retrofitting track lighting to LED pot lights
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Hot Tub hook up
  • A/C installations
  • Residential Boiler Power and Control
  • Residential Solar Grid tie and back up Power Solutions

Home Automation

Custom home automation packages to fit your budget. A home automation system manages all of the subsystems and features in the home. Automation provides comfort, convenience, security and energy savings to you, on one, easy to use interface. It saves time, money and effort by having the home automatically do routine functions for you.

Interior/Exterior Lighting Specialists

As a home or business owner, lighting is one of the first things you should consider because of the way it transforms a space. The right interior lighting can showcase a rooms architectural features; show off a colours richness, and provide you with the visibility you need to easily complete day to day tasks. Similarly, well designed exterior lighting can add visibility to a home or business, boost curb appeal and provide added security.

We can provide you with a plan that suits your wants and the needs of the property using different techniques such as up and/or down lighting, wash lighting, path lighting, feature accents, and tread lighting.

Commercial Services

  • The LED Upgrades dramatically reduce maintenance and utility costs, while providing a superior lighting product for Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
    • Warehouse and Security lighting efficiency experts
    • Smart Video Camera/Siren Surveillance Installers
    • Lighting control 
    • Community Splash Park Electrical Controls
    • Community Skating rink lighting (new install & Retrofit)
    • Parking Lot Pole lighting installation
    • Landscape lighting design and installation
    • Card reader design and installation
    • Community water fountain installation and service

Home Owner Associations (HOA's)

We assist a number of different Homeowner Associations Throughout Calgary as their Preferred Service Electrician. Services include small electrical installation to Community Club House renovations, water fountain installation and maintenance, Street Lighting, Side Walk Receptacles for Christmas lighting, entry feature lighting and various other general and specialized lighting and power installations.

Pond Aerating Fountain Installers

Full installation, maintenance, removal and storage of water fountains for communities, parks and Golf Courses. These decorative fountains are not only aesthetically pleasing, especially with RGBW LED Lights, but add life sustaining oxygen to the water, reduce pond algae, and result in fewer mosquitoes around to bite and potentially spread illness.

Landscape Architecture Lighting Design

We work with Landscape Architects and Construction companies to provide lighting options that help their designs and visions come to life. Many of these projects require strategic lighting options and these companies rely on our expertise to provide them with options to achieve their desired look within their Clients budget.

Stand Alone Solar Installations

Quite often it doesn’t make dollars and sense to bring a dedicated Electrical Service to power smaller loads in Remote Locations. We can help assist with design, supply and installation of stand alone Battery back up Solar Remote sites that can be used for Lighting Entry Features, monitor the level of a pond or Providing power to a remote Cabin.

Bucket Truck Services

Our Bucket truck has a working height of 36 feet, and is ideal for a wide range of projects including:

  • Parking lot lighting installation and repairs
  • Replacement and/or installation of bulbs and ballasts in both interior and exterior warehouse lights
  • Sign Lighting repair and maintenance
  • Repairs and/or installation of street lights.
  • Christmas light installation


  • Light oilfield Electrical services
  • Emergency calls
  • Motor control
  • PLC troubleshooting